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F. Bertolotti, N. Dengo, A. Cervellino, M.I. Bodnarchuk, C. Bernasconi, I. Cherniukh, Y. Berezovska, S.C. Boehme, M.V. Kovalenko, N.Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Size- and temperature-dependent lattice anisotropy and structural distortion in CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots by Reciprocal Space X-ray Total Scattering Analysis
Small Structures, (2024), accepted. [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, N. Dengo, A. Cervellino, M.I. Bodnarchuk, C. Bernasconi, I. Cherniukh, Y. Berezovska, S.C. Boehme, M.V. Kovalenko, N.Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Size- and temperature-dependent lattice anisotropy and structural distortion in CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots by Reciprocal Space X-ray Total Scattering Analysis
Small Structures, (2023), accepted. [DOI]

N. Yazdani, M. Bodnarchuk, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi, I. Fureraj, B. Guzelturk, B. Cotts, M. Zajac, G. Rainò, M. Jansen, S. Boehme, M. Yarema, M.-F. Lin, M. Kozina, A. Reid, X. Shen, S. Weathersby, X. Wang, E. Vauthey, A. Guagliardi, M. Kovalenko, V. Wood, A. Lindenberg
Coupling to Octahedral Tilts in Halide-Perovskite Nanocrystals Induces Phonon-Mediated Attractive Interactions between Excitons
Nature Physics, (2023), [DOI]

P. Anzini, D. Biganzoli, I. Cherniukh, M.V. Kovalenko, A. Parola, F. Ferri
Variance analysis of dynamic light scattering data
Rev. Sci. Instrum. (2023), 94, 095117. [DOI]

F. Ferri, M.C. Bossuto, P. Anzini, A. Cervellino, A. Guagliardi, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi
Site occupancy factors in the Debye Scattering Equation. A theoretical discussion on significance and correctness
Acta Cryst. A, (2023), A79, 587-596. [DOI] 

K.F. Konidaris, M. Zambra, F. Giannici, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Forcing twisted 1,7-dibromoperylenediimides to flatten in the solid state: what a difference an atom makes
Angewandte Chemie, (2023), 62, e202310445. [DOI]

M. Zambra, V.M. Abbinante, G. García-Espejo, K. Konidaris, P. Anzini, C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, M. Scagliotti, M. Rapisarda, L. Mariucci, S. Milita, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
A polyfluorinated naphthalene-bis-hydrazimide for solution-grown n-type semiconducting films
ACS Omega, (2023), [DOI].

M. Oggianu, A. Abhervé, D. Marongiu, F. Quochi, J.R. Galán- Mascarós, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi, N. Avarvari, M.L. Mercuri
Terbium and Europium Chlorocyananilate-Based 2D Coordination Polymers
Molecules, (2023), 28, 6453. [DOI]

G. Garcìa-Espejo, K. Konidaris, P. Anzini, S. Brenna, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
One and Two-dimensional 1,4-xylylenediammonium (pXDA) Lead Halides: Powders and This Films
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (2023), e202300282. [DOI]

G. Garcìa-Espejo, K. Konidaris, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Using imidazolium in the construction of hybrid 2D and 3D lead bromide pseudoperovskites
Chemistry, (2023), 5, 1329-1343. [DOI]

G. Tabacchi, I. Armenia, G. Bernardini, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, E. Fois
Energy Transfer from Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Implications for Magnetic Hyperthermia
ACS Applied Nano Materials, (2023),6, 12914-12921. [DOI]

M. Zampieri, G. Barreca, N. Masciocchi
X-ray powder diffraction data for ESP15228, C19H34O5, a bempedoic acid metabolite
Powder Diffraction Journal, (2023), 38, 158-160. [DOI] 

D. Dmitry, A. Vivani, M. Zacharias, T. Sekh, I. Cherniukh, S. Yakunin, F. Bertolotti, M. Aebli, R. Schaller, A. Wieczorek, S. Siol, C. Cancellieri, L.P.H. Jeurgens, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, L. Pedesseau, J. Even, M. Kovalenko, M. Bodnarchuk
Intrinsic formamidinium tin iodide nanocrystals by suppressing the Sn(IV) impurities
Nano Letters, (2023), 5, 1914–1923. [DOI]

S.C. Boehme, M.I. Bodnarchuk, M. Burian, F. Bertolotti, I. Cherniukh, C. Bernasconi, C. Zhu, H. Amenitsch, D. Naumenko, H. Andrusiv, N. Semkiv, R.A. John, A. Baldwin, K. Galkowski, N. Masciocchi, S.D. Stranks, G. Rainò, A. Guagliardi, M.V. Kovalenko
Strongly confined CsPbBr3 quantum dots as quantum emitters and building blocks for rhombic superlattices
ACS Nano, (2023), 17, 2089–2100. [DOI]

C. Vladiskovic, S. Mantegazza, G. Razzetti, N. Masciocchi
Salt or Co-crystal? Using XRPD to infer proton transfer in three adducts of iodoxy-benzoic acid by analyzing
iodine-oxygen bond lengths

Crystal Growth and Design, (2023), 23, 1119–1126. [DOI]

V. M. Abbinante, M. Zambra, G. García-Espejo, C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, S. Milita, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi 
Molecular Design and Crystal Chemistry of Polyfluorinated Naphthalene-bis-phenylhydrazimides with Superior Thermal and Polymorphic Stability and High Solution Processability
Chemistry - A European Journal, (2023), 29, e202203441. [DOI]

F. Ursi, S. Virga, G. Garcìa-Espejo, N. Masciocchi, A. Martorana, F. Giannici
Long term stability of TiS2-alkylamine hybrid materials

Materials, (2022), 15, 8297. [DOI]

N. Masciocchi, V.M. Abbinante, M. Zambra, G. Barreca, M. Zampieri
Thermal and Structural Characterization of Two Crystalline Polymorphs of Tafamidis Free Acid

Molecules, (2022), 27, 7411. [DOI]

M. Scavini, F. Bertolotti, J. Mlloja, F. Umbri, A. Bosc, S. Cappelli, S. Checchia, C. Oliva, P. Fumagalli, D. Ceresoli, M. Longhi, A. Guagliardi, M. Coduri
Structure and Surface Relaxation of CeO2 Nanoparticles Unveiled by Combining Real and Reciprocal Space Total Scattering Analysis

Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 3378. [DOI]

P. Anzini, Z. Filiberti, A. Parola
Fluid flow at interface driven by thermal gradients
Phys Rev E, (2022), 106, 024116. [DOI]

F.J. Carmona, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Nanosized Calcium Phosphates as Novel Macronutrient Nanofertilizers
Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 2709. [DOI]

C. Pipitone, F. Ursi, F. Giannici, A. Longo, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, A. Martorana
Modeling bismuth insertion in 1D lead halide TMSO(PbxBiy)I3 pseudo-perovskites
Nanotechnology, (2022), 33, 425703. [DOI]

P. Anzini, D.Redoglio, M. Rocco, N. Masciocchi, F. Ferri.
Light scattering and Turbidimetry for the characterization of nanoparticles and nanostructured newtorks
Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 2214 [DOI]

G. Garcìa-Espejo, C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, N. Masciocchi.
The structural versatility of proton sponge bismuth halides
J. Solid State Chem., (2022), 312, 123165 [DOI].

N. Dengo, N. Masciocchi, A. Cervellino, A. Guagliardi, F. Bertolotti.
Effects of structural and microstructural features on the total scattering patterns on nanocrystalline materials
Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 1252  [DOI].

G. Dal Sasso, M.C. Dalconi, G. Ferrari, J.S. Pedersen, S. Tamburini, F. Bertolotti, A. Guagliardi, M. Bruno, L. Valentini, G. Artioli
An Atomistic Model Describing the Structure and Morphology of Cu-Doped C-S-H Hardening Accelerator Nanoparticle Nanocrystals
Nanomaterials, (2022), 12, 342 [DOI].

F. Bertolotti, A. Vivani, F. Ferri, P. Anzini, A. Cervellino, M.I. Bodnarchuk, G. Nedelcu, C. Bernasconi, M.V. Kovalenko, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Size-Segregation and Atomic Structural Coherence in Spontaneous Assemblies of Colloidal Cesium Lead Halide Nanocrystals
Chemistry of Materials, (2022), 34, 594-608 [DOI].
L. Cortese, G. Lo Presti, M. Pagliazzi, D. Contini, A. Della Mora, H. Dehghani, F. Ferri, J.B. Fisher, M. Giovannella, F. Martelli, U.M. Weigel, S. Wojtkiewicz, M. Zanoletti, T. Durduran
Recipes for diffuse correlation spectroscopy instrument design using commonly utilized hardware based on targets for signal-to-noise ratio and precision
Biomedical Optics Express (2021), 12, 3265 - 3281 [DOI]

S. B. Feil, G. Rodegher, F. Gaiotti, M. Y. Alzate Zuluaga, F. J. Carmona, N. Masciocchi, S. Cesco and Y. Pii
Physiological and molecular investigation of urea uptake dynamics in Cucumis sativus L. plants fertilized with urea-doped amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles
Frontiers Plant Science (2021), 12, 745581 [DOI]

G. Calabrese, C. Pipitone, D. Marini, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, L. Barba, C. Summonte, N. Masciocchi and S. Milita
Highly stable thin films based on novel hybrid 1D (PRSH)PbX3 pseudo-perovskites
Nanomaterials (2021), 11, 2765.  [DOI]

C. Pipitone, S. Boldrini, A. Ferrario, G. Garcìa-Espejo, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, A. Martorana and F. Giannici
Ultralow thermal conductivity in 1D and 2D imidazolium-based lead halide perovskites
Applied Physics Letters (2021), 119, 1101104. [DOI]

M.C. Cassani, R. Castagnoli, F. Gambassi, D. Nanni, I. Ragazzini, N. Masciocchi, E. Boanini and B. Ballarin
A Cu(II)-MOF based on a propargyl carbamate-functionalized isophthalate ligand as nitrite electrochemical sensors
Sensors (2021), 21, 4922. [DOI]

V.M. Abbinante, G. García-Espejo, G. Calabrese, S. Milita, L. Barba, D. Marini, C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Guagliardi and N. Masciocchi
Conformationally rigid molecular and polymeric naphthalene-diimides containing C6H6N2 constitutional isomers
J. Mater. Chem. C (2021), 9, 10875 - 10888. [DOI]

M. C. Cassani, F. Gambassi, B. Ballarin, D. Nanni, I. Ragazzini, D. Barreca, C. Maccato, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, A. Kovtun, K. Rubini and E. Boanini
A Cu(II)-MOF based on a propargyl carbamate-functionalized isophthalate ligand
RSC Advances (2021), 11, 20429 - 20438. [DOI]

F. Gaiotti, M. Lucchetta, G. Rodegher, D. Lorenzoni, E. Longo, E. Boselli, S. Cesco, N. Belfiore, L. Lovat, J.M. Delgado López, F.J. Carmona, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, Y. Pii
Urea-doped calcium phosphate nanoparticles as sustainable nanofertilizers for viticulture: implications on yield and quality of Pinot gris grapevines
Agronomy (2021), 11. 1026. [DOI]

M.C. Dalconi, G. Artioli, N. Masciocchi, C. Giacobbe, F. Castiglioni, G. Ferrari
The crystal structure of a new calcium aluminate phase containing formate
Cement and Concrete Research (2021), 146, 106490. [DOI]

C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, G. García-Espejo, S. Carlotto, M. Casarin, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Heterovalent BiIII/PbII ionic substitution in one-dimensional trimethylsulfoxonium halide pseudo-perovskites (X = I, Br)
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 11728–11742. [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, A. Tabacaru, V. Musat, N. Tigau, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Band Gap Narrowing in Silane-grafted ZnO Nanocrystals. A Comprehensive Study by Wide-angle X-ray Total Scattering Methods
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 4806-4819. [DOI]  [see Cover]
E.P. Pérez-Alvarez, G.B. Ramìrez-Rodrìguez, F. J. Carmona, J.M. Martìnez-Vidaurre, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, T. Garde-Cerdàn, J. M. Delgado López
Towards a more sustainable viticulture: Foliar application of N-doped calcium phosphate nanoparticles on Tempranillo grapes
Journal of the Science and Food Agriculture (2021), 101, 1307-1313. [DOI]
F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, Y. Pii, J. M. Delgado López, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Urea-functionalized amorphous calcium phosphate nanofertilizers: optimizing the synthetic strategy towards environmental sustainability and manufacturing costs
Scientific Reports (2021), 11, 3419. [DOI] [Read]

F. Bertolotti, F.J. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, J. M. Delgado López, J. S. Pedersen, F. Ferri, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
On the amorphous layer in bone mineral and biomimetic apatite: a combined small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering analysis
Acta Biomateralia (2021), 120, 167-180. [DOI]

V.M. Abbinante, M. Zampieri, G. Barreca, N. Masciocchi
Preparation and Solid-State Characterization of Eltrombopag Crystal Phases
Molecules (2021), 26, 65. [DOI] 

C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, F. Bertolotti, G. Calabrese, S. Milita, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Proton Sponge Lead Halides containing 1D polyoctahedral chains
Crystengcomm. (2021), 23, 1126-1139. [DOI] 

D. Spanu, A. Nemenyi, M. Marelli, G. Binda, A. Guagliardi, F. Bertolotti, B. Giussani, S. Recchia
Development of a Scanning Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor for the realization of patterned and non-patterned depositions: a preliminary overview
Thin Solid Films, (2020), 717, 138446. [DOI]

V. Y. Zenou, F. Bertolotti, A. Guagliardi, B. H. Toby, R. B. Von Dreele,  S. Bakardjieva, In situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction study of Sc-doped titanium oxide nanocrystallites, J. Appl. Cryst. (2020), 53, 1452-1461 [DOI]

L. Cremonesi, C. Minnai, F. Ferri, A. Parola, B. Paroli, T. Sanvito, and M.A.C. Potenza
Light Extinction and Scattering from Aggregates Composed of Submicron Particles
Journal of Nanoparticle Research (2020), 22, 344 [DOI].

F. Ferri, F. Bertolotti, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Nanoparticle size distribution from inversion of Wide Angle X-ray Total Scattering data
Scientific Reports (2020), 10, 12759 [DOI]

F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, F. Bertolotti, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, J. M. Delgado López, J. S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
The role of nanoparticle structure and morphology in the dissolution kinetics and nutrient release of nitrate-doped calcium phosphate nanofertilizers
Scientific Reports (2020), 10, 12396 [DOI]

G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, C. de Miguel Rojas, G. Sgarbiero Montanha, F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, J. Sillero, J. S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, A. Pérez de Luque, J. M. Delgado López
Reducing Nitrogen dosage in Triticum durum plants with Urea-doped nanofertilizers
Nanomaterials (2020), 10, 1043 [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, A. Vivani, D. Moscheni, F. Ferri, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Structure, Morphology and Faceting of TiO2 Photocatalysts by the Debye Scattering Equation Method. The P25 and P90 Cases of Study
Nanomaterials (2020), 10, 743-758 [DOI]

S. Milita, F. Liscio, L. Cowen, M. Cavallini, B. A. Drain, T. Degousée, S. Luong, O. Fenwick, A. Guagliardi, B. C. Schroeder, N. Masciocchi
Polymorphism in N,N'-diaklyl-naphthalenediimides
J. Mater. Chem. C (2020), 8, 3097-3112 [DOI]

G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, G. Gregorio, F. J. Carmona, C. Miguel-Rojas, A. Pérez de Luque, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, J. M. Delgado-López
Engineering biomimetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: a green synthesis of slow-release multinutrient (NPK) nano-fertilizers
ACS Applied Bio Materials, (2020), 3, 1344-1354  [DOI]
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F. Bertolotti, G.Nedelcu, A. Vivani, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, M.V. Kovalenko
Crystal Structure, Morphology, and Surface Termination of Cyan-Emissive, Six-Monolayers-Thick CsPbBr3 Nanoplatelets from X-ray Total Scattering, ACS Nano, (2019),  13, 14294-14307 [DOI]

A.F. Gualtieri, G.D. Gatta, R. Arletti, G. Artioli, P. Ballirano, G. Cruciani, A. Guagliardi, D. Malferrari, N. Masciocchi, P. Scardi
Analisi di fase quantitativa mediante metodo Rietveld: verso un protocollo di verifica di autenticità e qualità dei referti.
La Chimica e l'Industria online, (2019), 3, 34-37 [DOI]

A.F. Gualtieri, G.D. Gatta, R. Arletti, G. Artioli, P. Ballirano, G. Cruciani, A. Guagliardi, D. Malferrari, N. Masciocchi, P. Scardi
Quantitative phase analysis using the Rietveld method: towards a procedure for checking the reliability and quality of the results
Periodico di Mineralogia, (2019), 8, 147-151 [pdf]

D. Moscheni, F. Bertolotti, L. Piveteau, L. Protesescu, D.N. Dirin, M.V. Kovalenko, A. Cervellino, J.S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Size-Dependent Fault-Driven Relaxation and Faceting in Zincblende CdSe Colloidal Quantum Dots
ACS Nano 12,  (2018), 12558-12570 [DOI] 

D. Biganzoli, F.Ferri
Statistical analysis of DLS data: revisiting and beyond the Schätzel forlumas
Opt. Express, 26, (2018), 29375-29392 [DOI]

S.Terruzzi, S. Bellomi, G. Marras, G. Barreca, G. Ventimiglia, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi
Disclosing the Rich Crystal Chemistry of Lesinurad by ab initio Laboratory X-ray Powder Diffraction Methods
Crystal Growth & Design (2018), 18, 6863-6872 [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, D. Moscheni, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi 
When Crystals go Nano. The Role of Advanced X‐ray Total Scattering Methods in Nanotechnology
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (2018), 34, 3789-3803 [DOI]·· (download Cover and Interview)

L. Piveteau, T.-C. Ong, B.J. Walder, D.N. Dirin, D. Moscheni, B. Schneider, J. Bär, L. Protesescu, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, L. Emsley, C. Copéret, M.V. Kovalenko
Resolving the Core and the Surface of CdSe Quantum Dots and Nanoplatelets using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced PASS-PIETA NMR Spectroscopy
ACS Central Science (2018), 4, 1113-1125 [DOI]

I. Lignos, V. Morad, Y. Shynkarenko, C. Bernasconi, R.M. Maceiczyk, L. Protesescu, F. Bertolotti,
S. Kumar, S.T. Ochsenbein, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, C.-J. Shih, M.I. Bodnarchuk, A.J. deMello, M.V. Kovalenko
Exploration of Near Infrared-Emissive Colloidal Multinary Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals using an Automated Microfluidic Platform
ACS Nano (2018), 12, 5504-5517 [DOI]

K.F. Ulbrich, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi, A. Cervellino, A. Guagliardi, C.E.M. Campos
A comprehensive structural and microstructural investigation of a new Iron-Telluride nano phase
J. Mater. Chem. C (2018), 6, 3047-3057 [DOI]  

F. Bertolotti, A.H. Proppe, D.N. Dirin, M. Liu, O. Voznyy, A. Cervellino, S.J.L. Billinge,
M.V. Kovalenko, E.H. Sargent, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Ligand-induced symmetry breaking, size and morphology in colloidal lead sulfide QDs: from classic to thiourea precursors
Chem. Sq. (2018) 2, 1-14. [DOI]  

G. Jug
The Polycluster Theory for the Structure of Glasses: Evidence from Low Temperature Physics
Chapter 13 in:· Modern Problems of Molecular Physics, L.A. Bulavin and A.V. Chalyi (eds.)
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M. Sardo, I. C. B. Martins, C. Vladiskovic, M. Teresa Duarte, J. Rocha, N. Masciocchi and L. Mafra
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Chapter 6 in: Biophysical Techniques in Drug Discover, Angeles Canales ed.
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A. Buccini, M. Donatelli, F. Ferri
Weakly constrained Lucy-Richardson with applications to inversion of light scattering data
Journal of Scientific Computing (JOMP) (2018), 74, 786-804 DOI]

A. Sassella, L. Raimondo, S.Trabattoni, M. Moret, N. Masciocchi, M. Masino
Oxidation of Crystalline Rubrene Films: Evidence of an Epitaxial Native Oxide Layer


B. Bellich, F. Bertolotti, S. Di Fonzo, E. Elisei, A. Maiocchi, F. Uggeri, N. Masciocchi, A. Cesàro
Thermal Properties of Iopamidol: Crystalline Anhydrous, Hydrated and Amorphous Forms

J. THERM. ANAL. CAL. (2017), 130, 413-423. [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, L. Protesescu, M.V. Kovalenko, S. Yakunin, A. Cervellino, S.J.L. Billinge, M.W. Terban, J.S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Coherent Nanotwins and Dynamic Disorder in Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
 ACS NANO (2017), 11, 3819-3831. [DOI]

L. Protesescu, S. Yakunin, S. Kumar, J. Bär, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, M. Grotevent, I. Shorubalko, M.I. Bodnarchuk, C.-J. Shihand, M.V. Kovalenko
Dismantling the “Red Wall” of Colloidal Perovskites: Highly Luminescent Formamidinium and Formamidinium-Cesium Lead Iodide Nanocrystals
 ACS NANO (2017), 11, 3119–3134. [DOI]

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I. Toth, S. Aime, G.B. Giovenzana, Z. Baranyai
AAZTA: An Ideal Chelating Agent for the Development of 44Sc PET Imaging Agents
ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INT. ED. (2017), 56, 2118-2122. [DOI]

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Myelography iodinated contrast media. II. Conformational versatility of iopamidol in the solid state
MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS, (2017),14, 468-477. [DOI]

J.M. Delgado-López, , F. Bertolotti, J. Lyngsø, J.S. Pedersen, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi and A. Guagliardi,
The synergic role of collagen and citrate in stabilizing amorphous calcium phosphate precursors with platy morphology
ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, (2016), 49, 555-562. [DOI]

M. Molteni and F. Ferri

Commercial counterboard for 10 ns software correlator for photon and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

REV. SCI. INSTR., (2016), 87, 113108 – 1/9 [DOI]


A. Cervellino, R. Frison, N. Masciocchi and A. Guagliardi, 

X-ray Powder Diffraction Characterization of Nanomaterials

in X-ray and Neutron Techniques for Nanomaterials, p. 545-608,

C.S.S.R. Kumar Ed., Springer Verlag, (2016), ISBN 978-3-662-48604-7. [ISBN]    

L. Protesescu, S. Yakunin, M.I. Bodnarchuk, F. Bertolotti, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi and M.V. Kovalenko
Monodisperse Formamidinium Lead Bromide Nanocrystals with Bright and Stable Green Photoluminescence


F. Bertolotti,  D. Moscheni,  A. Migliori,  S. Zacchini,  A. Cervellino,  A. Guagliardi and  N. Masciocchi

Unravelling the Growth of Pt Nanorods inside a Porous Matrix by Total Scattering Debye Function Analysis.

ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA, (2016), A72, 632-644. [DOI]

D. Hasa, C. Giacobbe, B. Perissutti, D. Voinovich, M. Grassi, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi and A. Guagliardi

Nanostructured Drugs embedded into a Polymeric Matrix: Vinpocetine/PVP Hybrids investigated by the Debye Function Analysis.

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