Total Scattering Laboratory




F. Bertolotti, A. Tabacaru, V. Musat, N. Tigau, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Band Gap Narrowing in Silane-grafted ZnO Nanocrystals. A Comprehensive Study by Wide-angle X-ray Total Scattering Methods
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 4806-4819. [DOI]  [see Cover]

E.P. Pérez-Alvarez, G.B. Ramìrez-Rodrìguez, F. J. Carmona, J.M. Martìnez-Vidaurre, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, T. Garde-Cerdàn, J. M. Delgado López
Towards a more sustainable viticulture: Foliar application of N-doped calcium phosphate nanoparticles on Tempranillo grapes
Journal of the Science and Food Agriculture (2021), 101, 1307-1313. [DOI]
F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, Y. Pii, J. M. Delgado López, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Urea-functionalized amorphous calcium phosphate nanofertilizers: optimizing the synthetic strategy towards environmental sustainability and manufacturing costs
Scientific Reports (2021), 11, 3419. [DOI] [Read]

F. Bertolotti, F.J. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, J. M. Delgado López, J. S. Pedersen, F. Ferri, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
On the amorphous layer in bone mineral and biomimetic apatite: a combined small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering analysis
Acta Biomateralia (2021), 120, 167-180. [DOI]

V.M. Abbinante, M. Zampieri, G. Barreca, N. Masciocchi
Preparation and Solid-State Characterization of Eltrombopag Crystal Phases
Molecules (2021), 26, 65. [DOI] 

C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, F. Bertolotti, G. Calabrese, S. Milita, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Proton Sponge Lead Halides containing 1D polyoctahedral chains
Crystengcomm. (2021), 23, 1126-1139. [DOI] 
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